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How To Implement Structure Into Your Life

What is structure?

The construction industry has many specialized processes that builders are required to follow for the construction of a building to pass specific inspections. This inspection process offers durability, safety, convenience, and many other necessities to the construction of residential, commercial and industrial facilities. A building structure is constructed by following structured processes and specifications. The type of structure we will discuss is not about a building structure. However, it is about a process with methodologies that when followed will help lead someone to success, significance and satisfaction.

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The ultimate structure was set in place during creation. Everything was set in place that when certain conditions are met a certain result will be produced. For example, when warm air is mixed with colder air masses it results in an atmospheric disturbance that polarizes the atmosphere. These charged atmospheric regions temporarily equalize themselves through a lightning flash or a strike to the ground. This is a brief summary, but in no way gives justice to an extensive explanation of how lightning is produced. Only enough is shared to reveal how well nature follows structure. The laws of nature do not change, because a structure is set in place that they have to follow.

Once we understand the importance of structure, we should desire to follow structured processes that can produce desired results. Structure involves consistency which is based upon proven history. If there is enough historical data to prove a certain process to be successful, then we need to incorporate this data into structured processes. Once structure is set in place and consistently followed, significant results are produced. 

What is structure, you may ask? It is simply an organized system designed to help anyone maintain focus for maximum results. What results do you desire? Are you ready to establish goals and meet them?

Structure plays an important role in creating and completing tasks and goals.

The best outcome is the one that helps you complete tasks, which results in meeting goals. In a world of busyness it is difficult to reach goals without some form of structure in place. The structure may be in the form of schedules, agendas, To Do Lists, and so on. Businesses have organizational charts for the flow of communication, job responsibilities, marketing, pay scales, and even for growth. Without structure it would be hard to complete tasks needed to reach specific goals. Even in personal growth you need structure to achieve satisfactory results.

The book, ‘A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential,’ offers structure to a biblical discipline that will help tap innate potential. The structure assists in the area of focus and how to maintain it. When focused we can achieve anything. As previously mentioned, consistency is an important factor, even in maintaining focus. When we follow structure we become consistent in staying focused and meeting goals, which will produce change and growth.

Difficulties of life come to all of us. There are many circumstances that arise in the course of a day that distracts us and causes us to lose focus. We are robbed of so many opportunities with many of them never returning the second time. How do we stop this seemingly never-ending cycle? The answer is very simple, follow structure. Create a structured plan that will help propel you toward your goals in life. ‘A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential’ was written to help you remain on the right track or to get on the right track. Do not think that if you have been derailed, that you can never return to the right track. Structure offers hope that when followed will produce consistency.

I want to share one personal example of how structure has helped me. I have followed structure of rising early to study and pray for so many years that I have not used an alarm clock for quite some time. Consistency developed because of the structure helped create the mindset needed to operate even during my sleep. I wake without an alarm and with prayer on my mind.

A Day of Discovery

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By Daniel W. Evans

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