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The Importance and Practice of Commitment

Committed to a Promise

A promise was made thousands of years ago not to destroy the earth again with water. A rainbow was the sign hung in the sky as a reminder of the promise. Hanging a sign around our necks would be difficult to remind others of a promise to them. However, the word commitment speaks of involvement and engagement. When we involve ourselves with keeping a promise, this speaks louder of commitment than a giant sized bill board.

Every day is a day the Lord has made. While He is creating a day He places a rainbow in the sky at the appropriate time and under the proper conditions. He is very much involved in keeping His promise. We should be the same in making personal commitments and promises.

The word commitment means a pledge or promise. When we make pledges or promises we are actually committing ourselves to a task of engagement for whatever it takes to fulfill them. With this in mind, we should be aware of the effort, cost and integrity that are associated with making and fulfilling them.

One of the five steps in the book, ‘A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential,’ is about making commitments. This step is very important because you cannot set a goal and achieve satisfactory results without being committed. How many people do you know who started a diet and was not committed enough to reach their goal? This is true with just about anything we engage ourselves. It takes commitment to set goals, create a plan, and apply proper action steps to fulfill the entire plan.

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Failed Commitment

One way to guarantee a failed commitment is not to be engaged. I have seen many make promises and do not put forth the slightest effort to even make a note of the commitment. For example, when you promise someone you will call them, talk about the best times and then enter the date and time into your phone calendar with a reminder. This is a simple example, however very effective in portraying the need of engagement.

Remaining engaged is the best practice to produce results. No one wants to fail. However, think about this. Failure is not a stopping point; it is a starting point for something new. A finish line is not needed if the athlete or driver is not committed. Commitment helps us keep our eyes on the goal and press toward the finish line.

Discipline and Commitment

Discipline is a dirty word to some. It speaks of changing normal routines and mindsets. This is a hard thing for some, because it takes too much commitment.

Practicing is the process of disciplining yourself and will help you be more committed in keeping your promises. Following this process will assist you in making, maintaining and fulfilling commitments. When you are disciplined in a certain area you will become better in that area. Of course, if you continue some failure may occur. Do not stop the discipline if you fail. However, learn from it and continue the process, because this is also a commitment. Commitment helps one not to run away, throw up their hands or throw in the towel.

Through several wrecks, burning eyes from sweat and a shaking car the pit stop may look very appealing to a race car driver. However, crossing the finish line is the only way he will get close to the trophy and prize money. Race after race is what will eventually lead him to the checkered flag first. Commitment will help you keep your eyes on the goal!

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By Daniel W. Evans

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