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Leadership and Parenting

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With a background of construction, I am very familiar with foundations for building structures. As a minister, I am also familiar with spiritual foundations. The first being when God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit had a conversation and created a plan at the foundation of the world. Everything has a foundation. The foundation determines how well whatever you are building will not only remain, but continue to progress.

Foundational Levels of Leadership

Concerning leadership, let’s review its basis. The first foundation of leadership is with the Holy Spirit leading mankind into the Father’s will. The next level is the individual leading himself. On this level personal growth will determine how well the next level of the family will progress. No matter what example you use all levels of leadership progress from these three levels. God, the individual and the family determines the effectiveness of all other levels. This week I would like to discuss the family level from the perspective of parenting.

Leadership through Parenting

I would like to reiterate what I discussed in another blog. My wife and I have a son with disabilities. We chose years ago to lead our family of three children with godly principles and to treat our son with disabilities as a normal child. That in itself was a slow process and took much effort from my wife and me. This is also a truth shared by many families even without children with physical, emotional or mental disabilities. I heard it said this way, “Every family has some type of dysfunction.” Whether this is true or not, the effort is always challenged.

To our family, God has proven to be faithful, powerful and loving time and time again. When doctors stated that Hunter would not get any better, we believed God and did not change from following leadership principles and applying certain techniques. All I can say is that Hunter is far better with his behavior and other symptoms than with the prognosis doctors attempted to offer us. The result is in the pudding! You cannot argue with results.

Leadership techniques, faith and prayer have tremendously helped our family. Prayer does change things! Our other two children are great parents. Our older son now operates one of the major segments of our family business. I am not insinuating that everything has been a bed of roses. However, I stand firm on this principle. Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proper family leadership is the basis of community development, including the workplace. Of course, this cannot be obtained without following other principles.

Solid Foundations Promote Growth

With this in mind, when families grow churches will grow. The community and workplaces will be entrenched with integrity, morality and a respectful love for each other. The greatest challenge for many parents today is to lead their children to listen to them instead of being influenced by their peers. Many times, peer pressure creates dysfunction in the home that leaves parents in a passive attitude. Parents must be active and proactive in their children’s lives applying good techniques in their parenting. This will greatly help children through those years of being easily influenced because of their own mental and emotional development. When individuals grow the reciprocal effect will be families and organizations growing. Solid foundations promote growth!

Personal Growth has Its Value

The best way to add to the growth of a family or organization is to grow personally. This is my testimony concerning our son, our family, our church and our business. As a family, business and church leader, something you learn early on is that you cannot change others. When you attempt to change someone, you actually hinder growth by trying to be a Holy Spirit wannabe. The Holy Spirit is the only One that can change us and it has to take place from within. Of course, this is only accomplished with a willingness to be teachable and pliable. All we can do is set the example for others, even our children, and offer assistance when needed.

A Day of Discovery for Parents

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Some Basics of Prayer & Fasting

“But when you fast, perfume your head and wash your face, So that your fasting may not be noticed by men but by your Father, Who sees in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open.” Matthew 6:17-18 (AMP)


What is fasting? This is a question I have been asked many times. It is a legitimate question, because this is a subject that is not widely taught in the churches much less practiced. You will read about fasting in the Bible, hear about it in your doctor’s office, and you may hear about it through nutritional and health programs. The dictionary definition of the word fast (fasting) is to abstain entirely from or limit food, to eat only sparingly or of certain types of food, or a period of self-denial. As we have briefly discussed different types of fasts, let’s move on to discuss the meaning of a biblical fast.


Body, Soul and People


What makes a biblical fast different from any other fast? It is not only a voluntary abstinence from food, but while practicing it, praying to God (the Creator of Heaven and earth), seeking Him during the fast, and following biblical guidelines are vital parts of the fast. As Christians, the practice of fasting is not necessary to ensure our salvation. But, we all live in a body, have a soul (mind, will and emotions), and live around people. These areas have the potential of creating circumstances that are hard to manage. At times, it is even difficult to understand why we are facing a particular battle. Biblical fasting helps you gain strength to work through these issues and to receive help from God. In the Bible, fasting was practiced when the people of God faced hardships, faced the enemy, started an assignment from God, and so many other examples. These biblical patriarchs dealt with the same issues of having a body, having a soul, and living around people as we do today.


Specific Details


In 2 Chronicles chapter twenty, Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, had a great army to come against him to war (V.1, 2). He feared, proclaimed a fast throughout Judah, and they all came together to seek the Lord (v. 3, 4). Then the Lord spoke to Jehoshaphat and all Judah through a Levite prophet and said that the battle was not theirs, but His (v. 15). Then God gave him specific details on what he must do (verses 16, 17). The next day king Jehoshaphat appointed singers to go before the army and the enemy was smitten by their own hands (verses 21-24). It took three days for the spoils of riches and precious jewels to be carried off from the dead bodies of the armies (verse 25). On the fourth day they met in a valley to bless the Lord (verse 26). What a miraculous act of deliverance and accumulation of wealth because of fasting, praying and seeking God.


A Daniel Kind of Character


My studies of the Word of God have revealed certain truths. The spiritual discipline of fasting itself is more important than naming specific biblical examples of fasting and using them only for certain needs. For example, using a twenty-one-day fast and naming it a ‘Daniel Fast’ may not necessarily bring you understanding of a vision as it did Daniel in chapter 10. However, it will assist you in developing the Daniel kind of character that will prepare you to receive from God as did Daniel and many other biblical patriarchs when they fasted.


I have taught on this subject and referenced it in my preaching and teaching on many occasions. Many people have asked questions that lead me to believe they do not have an understanding of fasting. I do not fast because my name is Daniel. However, I do fast as did Daniel and others in the Word of God. I realize that it is a discipline and that I must set my mind to practicing it with the help of the Holy Spirit. A very important part of a discipline working for you is to know what you must do. According to the scripture we find that food is always involved in fasting. Therefore, whether you sacrifice activities and physical pleasures or not, the abstinence of food should always be included in your fasting. The decision whether you fast a meal, certain types of food, or all food for the entire fasting period remains between you and the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit understands your physical inabilities and health issues, medication requirements and intense schedules. He will lead you to what you must do as you are developing this voluntary discipline for your life.


A Day of Discovery – Committed to a Fast


Order your book ‘A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential’ and be prepared for ‘A Day of Discovery.’ This day is designed with several FREE teleconferences to help walk participants through a five step process. You could tap into your potential, if you haven’t already, and be propelled to a new level in ONE DAY! A prerequisite is to order the book by clicking here and email the receipt to author@danielevans.org. We will then forward the access information for the calls and schedule of calls to you.


By Daniel W. Evans

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