Three Ways to Become a Better Leader – Right Here & Now

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The age old question of how to become a better you has developed many faces. From surgical procedures, physical exercise, wealth, fame, entertainment, to countless other means we have attempted to better ourselves. Some succeeded and some failed. However, I want to talk about how to become a better you by becoming a better leader. Everyone is a leader in some way or another. Dads and moms lead the home, older siblings lead the younger, and there are even leaders among the homeless. There are leaders all around us and even within us that we have not recognized. Inside is the place where many do not search. For whatever the reason the leader within is ignored and that leader is never developed.

Some of you would be surprised at how many are not aware of the potential that is hidden within them. When you begin to recognize your own potential and have an awareness of what you could do when an action plan is implementedyour world begins to change. One person may not change the entire world. But, when you begin to change yourself, you begin to change your part of the world. If enough of us practice this simple truth, then the world as a whole begins to change.

Let’s review three ways that can help you become a better leader right here and now. It is our responsibility to identify who we are, where we are and where we desire to be as a leader. To become a better leader it is about what we do after the knowledge of this information.

Way #1 – Identify Your Leader Responsibilities (Who we are.)

It starts with an awareness of your leadership responsibility. If you do not recognize that you lead in some capacity, you will not be intentional about developing a better you as a leader. This also includes recognizing your potential to develop skills for fulfilling those responsibilities. Leadership roles and responsibilities do not apply only to your school, job, church or political leaders. They apply to you as parents, students, sports players and entertainers, and just about anything else that involves people.

Way #2 – Identify Your Circles of Influence (Where we are.)

As it has been well stated so many times, leadership is influence. So, you must identify your circles of influence. Who do you influence? It is your spouse, children, siblings, extended family, friends, teammates, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone else that associates with you. We influence these people in different ways. However, we need to identify the positive ways we influence them and develop skills to become better influencers. The Four Areas of Influence explained in “A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential” can help you with this process.

Way #3  Identify Your Potential Taps (Where we desire to be.)

Are you tapping into your potential with a drinking straw, garden hose or fire hose? When you identify how you tap into your potential then you can make decisions necessary to draw from these latent abilities. The straw was designed to draw from a source with constant effort applied from the user. If there is no effort there is no flow. Distractions can present many flow stoppages.

The design of the garden hose is to tap a source that has pressure that once accessed the flow is constant. The user has to apply effort to control the direction of the flow; however the user also has some freedom that can offer distractions.

The design of the fire hose is to tap a source with great pressure that requires the user to use both hands and even require assistance. This tapping means requires focus without distractions to control the flow for best benefits.

How are you tapping into your potential? Your mindset determines the tap, flow, benefits and success. Your potential is greater than you think. As you meditate upon the differences in the taps,be intentional with action to identify your potential and release it to create a better you as a leader.Your potential could be creating tremendous pressure to be unleashed.

By Daniel W. Evans