Leadership through the Eyes of a Minister

Leadership is about influence and is universal for any organization. I have had the privilege to co-manage a successful family business and serve on pastoral staffs in three different churches. There are those who may question if either of these is a privilege. However, I consider them as privileges. I have learned much from others I was directly involved with and from circumstances we all shared. By the way, I am still learning and do not think I will graduate from this class until I shut my eyes in eternal rest.

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How you interact with people is similar when you train and attempt to implement new programs and growth techniques. However, there is a difference between leading paid and volunteer leaders. Most churches operate completely or partially on volunteer help. When you are training volunteer leaders you have to be conscious of their personal time. They are volunteers and more than likely have full-time jobs. Not to mention their schedules may already be packed out for their children and personal lives. This can create problems sometimes with churches that do not have money for a full-time staff.


This can also create a dilemma with a lead-pastor, other staff pastors, directors and deacons. What do we do from here, may be the question when there is not enough help to fulfill a vision. Over the years I have been involved with churches that faced these issues. They can be viewed as opportunities for creativeness or they can create bottlenecks and lids, therefore hindering or disallowing growth. Either way, decisions and changes need to be made.


Help us grow!


The basis of all leadership examples is the family. My wife and I have a son with disabilities. We chose years ago to lead our family of three children with godly principles and to treat our son with disabilities as a normal child. That in itself was a slow process and took much effort to implement. This is also a truth shared by many families even without challenged children. To our family, God has proven He is faithful, powerful and loving time and time again. When doctors stated that Hunter would not get any better, we believed God and did not change from following leadership principles and applying certain techniques. All I can say is that Hunter is far better with his behavior and other symptoms that we were told would not change.


With this in mind, when families grow churches will grow. Employees will cooperate with businesses to produce better working environments. This in turn will positively impact profits for greater salaries and benefits. When individuals grow the reciprocal effect will be families and organizations growing. Growth promotes growth!


The best way to add to the growth of a family or organization is to grow personally. This is my testimony concerning our son, our family, our church and our business. As a minister, something you learn early on is that you cannot change others. When you attempt to change someone, you actually hinder growth by trying to be a Holy Spirit wannabe. The Holy Spirit is the only One that can change us. All we can do is set the example and offer assistance when needed or desired. Again, offering assistance is all we can do with an organization of volunteers, because you cannot make demands. However, in a business it is easier to set expectations and demand specific results.


What about me?


This is a question asked by many. Let me start with myself. I have been in business since 1979 and in ministry since 1982. Responsibilities have been overwhelming at times. However, while trusting God with decisions to make, circumstances to face, individuals to manage, or change to apply to self, my comfort has been, He will help you through. It starts with self! Take care of what is needed in this area and the reciprocal effect will transfer down line to all you influence.


I am an advocate of prayer and fasting which has really helped me gain control over my propensities. To fulfill responsibilities, manage people and please God at the same time, you have to initiate extremes. Fasting has been a great discipline to help me accomplish this. Have I reached the level beyond anyone else? Definitely not! However, I realize I would not be where I am today if it were not for the leading of the Holy Spirit in those things that helped and continues to mold me. This knowledge from experience is as refreshing as the continuous flow of a mountain stream.


A Day of Discovery – What about you?


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By Daniel W. Evans


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