How To Measure Up

A question I have heard many times from my youth up is who are you looking up to? I became a licensed electrician because I looked up to my dad. I became a certified coach, speaker and trainer because I looked up to John C. Maxwell. Who are you looking up to or more precisely, who are your mentors? We have people we refer to as mentors in our lives who already excel in the areas of our interests. A question remains, how do we measure up to them?

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When I was a child we spent most of our daylight hours in the woods as we referred to trees of a forest. I remember leaning face first against some tall trees and imagining what I would do if I were as tall as a tree. You can only imagine where the imagination would take a child with such a question. The point is that I am full grown and I did not reach the height of a tree or even meet the expectations of my young imagination. However, at times the world could use a superhero such as superman or a jolly green giant.

Let’s get back to reality and explore the opportunities presented to us of how we can measure up to our mentors. Answering a few questions can help us.

What is measuring up?

Measuring up is a process that helps us monitor and adjust action necessary to achieve goals and reach success. We should not measure ourselves by comparing ourselves with others. Conditions, training, talents, mentors and individual interests may be different in all of us. It is very seldom, if at all, that you will find two people with the same levels in each of these areas. You may find several with similar levels, but not the same. The proper process is to find out what others have done and follow those steps while incorporating yourself into it to include your training, talents, and so on. Only by being intentional with this process can you monitor and measure your success.


Who should we measure up to?


Your mentors should be those who challenge you to achieve better and more for yourself and others. The challenges may be from mutually set expectations or from your own personal admiration of what they have accomplished. It could be both, because mentors are usually those we enquire information from and are then willing to follow it. There are always two sides to the fence – the good and bad and the right and wrong. The good and right thing to do is choose mentors that set a good example and have great accomplishments of adding value to others.


What is a good process for measuring up?


In respect of our mentors, how do we measure up to them? Always remember, when we try to be like someone else we tend to overlook our own potential and talents. We miss the mark by trying to take this route and exhaust a lot of time we will never regain. Our mentors followed processes by investing their time and energies in setting goals and achieving them. They eventually grew into who they are today. The same process will work for you. Do not work so hard at trying to be just like them. However, find out what they did to be who they are.


The question remains, how do we measure up to them? There are ways to measure whether you meet your goals or not. But first, you have to know what you are measuring and how to measure it. In the book, ‘A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential,’ we are given twelve qualities of a leader. A process is explained how we can measure ourselves to the qualities. If action is needed for development in them the book teaches how to monitor and measure our success in these qualities. There are two things to know if you desire to measure up. First what are you measuring? Secondly, what process will be used for measuring?

A Day of Discovery

How do you measure up?

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By Daniel W. Evans

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